Our History

<|BdD|> started quietly in the summer of 2003. No fanfare, and no book or movie launch. Just a couple of blokes who decided they enjoyed playing MOH: Spearhead, wanted to play against each other, so set up a server on one of their PC’s so they could play online. After a while, word spread, and the server became popular. Well, as popular as you could get with a 6 player server running on a
home PC with a 512k broadband connection.


<|BdD|> was born.

From very humble beginnings, with no server, website, voice comms or anything that you’d really associated with a ‘proper’ clan, <|BdD|> grew. What started as a fun pastime for two people, expanded into a proper hobby. Sure, back then we were utter rubbish. We only really played for fun, but over time that all changed.

Within the space of six months a basic website had been created, with a basic forum. A single game server was also online.

Within the space of a year, the clan had a bespoke website, and a dedicated gaming server rig. There were at least four Spearhead servers running 24/7, all humming, all busy. As well as any number of other servers for games that we dipped in and out of, such as the Call Of Duty and Battlefield series.

At that time with things growing the way they were, we also made the conscious decision to limit our membership. We were running at the high twenties / low thirties at this point, and were mindful of the fact that we were starting to lose the close knit family feel that we’d always sought to maintain.  So, although the clan’s logistics and facilities were still growing exponentially, and other clans around us were considerably bigger (some with getting on for a hundred members), we put a cap on thirty members. This, while not without its risks, proved fruitful. With a limit on membership we could concentrate on our current members, honing our skills, and because we were always the same core of players never growing over thirty members, we became a tight, co-ordinated fighting force. Members knew their roles inside out and knew each others styles and habits. This constant familiarity with each other made <|BdD|> a force to be reckoned with. We were, quite simply and with no false modesty, unstoppable. Not to mention a very close knit group of friends who always had fun.

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Over the years things have changed quite a bit here at <|BdD|>. While we still play it occasionally, it’s fair to say that we’ve moved on from Spearhead. Games and tastes change, and to keep up we’ve needed to adapt to these changes and advancements in technology.

Consequently, how we do things here at <|BdD|> has changed too.

Firstly, there are no monthly subscriptions any more
. While everyone is still welcome to make a donation to the clan whenever they like, members are no longer expected to pay each month to be a part of the clan.
Back in the day our costs were considerable. We had to find money to run the website, voice server, and our game servers. The game server costs alone were somewhere in the region of £100 a month. However, with modern tech these costs have dropped, and most modern games (sadly) don’t allow for player owned dedicated servers in the same way that they used to.

Secondly, we’re “dabblers”.
We like to keep our fingers in quite a few different gaming pies. Our new structure (and modern games) has allowed us to do this without the overhead of running a lot of servers. We can dive into whatever game we want, be that a few rounds of Battlefield, some Co-Op on Far Cry, or CS:GO, Fortnight, Warcraft, or one of the free games out there like Warface, you name it.

All this means that <|BdD|>’s most important function remains what it always has been: a great meeting place for like minded people to shoot the shit and have a frag or two with their friends. First and foremost we’re gamers, always have been, and there’s no finer way to play them than with a fellow <|BdD|> member at your side.

At <|BdD|> you know you’re among friends, and we always try not to lose sight of the fact that we’re still playing a game after all, and we’ll always have fun and a good laugh.

That sums up what <|BdD|> has always been, and remains to be, about: Fun!

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