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by | Jun 16, 2011 | Polls | 8 comments

You can select a max of 2 maps.
[poll id=”2″]

These maps would have the same settings as the current Heavy Metal map (ie 1000 tickets).
Please bear in mind the server’s current popularity. Ideally any additions should not detract from this.



  1. Domi

    Can you manage to put a pic up of the maps..? I have no idea which one is what… :X

    • Hand

      There ya go, pics added. Hover over with your mouse to see which map it is.

  2. hellsoldier

    Atm poll allows to choose only 1 option. Arica for some intense infantry action, quite the opposite of Heavy Metal

    • Hand

      The poll script had reset itself back to 1. I’ve set it to 2 again.

  3. Domi

    Thanks 🙂 Put my vote up as well

  4. teddybear

    If its really needed to add a map i would say panama, but i also dont mind if it stays like it is. Lots of people are finding the server so thats good in my eyes

    • Hand

      Indeed. Any new map would definitely have to have the server’s current popularity taken into account before they’re added.

      I’m also not convinced that another map is totally needed. But, this is a public poll and there’s a vote request on the server, and I’m just curious to see what the general consensus might be.

      • Hand

        Also, just thought: would we prefer to limit any additional maps to chopper only maps? Or is any conquest map up for consideration?


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