Duke Nukem Forever

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After many years of waiting, Duke finally looks set for a comeback!

Many of our clan’s members have been following this latest installment of the Duke franchise with baited breath for a very long time. There are several of us that can remember playing Duke 3D until the small hours of the morning, shrinking pigs and stomping on them, tipping the strippers, and just generally laughing our guts out at the now legendary quotes and catchphrases. Personally speaking, it was also one of my first forays into online gaming, playing one on one over a dial-up connection with some random Duke fan. This was long before the days of mobiles, proper gaming websites, or anything so delightfully convenient. We had to arrange our games via an AOL group. Ahhh the memories….

Duke Nukem forever has been in development for years, and it’ll either be bloody brilliant, or it’ll be showing it’s age. We all hope it’s going to be the former, and can’t wait to get back to beating the shit outta the pig cops again. Hail to the king, baby!

Check out the official Duke Nukem Forever trailer:

There’s also the now apparently infamous ‘Babes’ trailer. To quote PC Gamer: “…[this] video has me scratching my chin the most. Duke Nukem Forever is actually going to get released, which is great, but I cant help but feel that Gearbox are pushing just a little too hard. The trailer is amusing, but I can’t shake the awkward feeling of misogyny that seems to ooze from it. Is pixelated pornography a step too far, or is it just harmless fun? ”

For more Duke delights, head on over to the official Duke website: http://www.dukenukemforever.com


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