Duke Nukem is about fun, not being competitive says Pitchfork

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Duke Nukem is about fun, not being competitive says Pitchfork


Talking to Gameshark, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchfork has said that the multiplayer component of Duke Nukem Forever is primarily about being fun, rather than the highly competitive nature that is frequently seen in titles such as Call of Duty.

“I think there are some people who play Call of Duty and Halo very competitively, but I think most players play to have a good time,” the Gerabox CEO told GameShark. “They’re more casual about it.” Read on for further insights from Pitchfork.

“Those are great games for finding players and testing skills and having fun in the competition. Duke Nukem’s multiplayer game is very specifically designed for the audience that prioritizes entertainment and fun in their multiplayer games over all else.”

Pitchford went on to explain that his team deliberately focussed on on fun rather than tournament-ready balancing.

“Because [fun] was the goal, the priority of attention can be dedicated towards the rare and unique weapons and the support of so many different strategies rather than effort towards really competition oriented features that more than 90% of the players never notice or really need to worry about,” he said.

We’ll be able to get our hands on the Duke and see just how far they’ve gone with the fun-factor when it’s released on June 10.

[PC Gamer]



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