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Bad Company 2 Remaster incoming???  

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There have been rumours floating around the interweb of late that hint at a possible remaster of BC2. As this is, so far, my favourite Battlefield game, and as someone who - according to my Steam account - has nearly 500 hours of play time in it, this news has got me rather excited to say the least. So, what do we know?

What it might be

The rumours point to the BC2 remaster being akin to the one that was released for Modern Warfare; fundamentally the same game with a bit of modern spit and polish. Also following the MW pattern, it sounds like EA will likely release the remaster as a bundle with another product, namely Battlefield 5. This could either be as part of the main release, or as an add-on / expansion at a later date. Though hopefully BC2's remaster will release without the pay walls and other controversy that dogged the MW remaster.

The vagaries of scale

A remaster of BC2 does raise a few questions. The most prominent of which is will the game follow modern trends in terms of player limits? When the game was initially released it had a limit of 32 players on PC (consoles were less at 24), whereas the other Battlefield games have been 64 players. Will EA leave it at 32, or expand to 64? The latter raises further questions and potential issues with regards to map size and balance. Personally I'm hoping they leave it at the lower limit. I'm not sure the maps could really take double the players, and there would be every chance things could get chaotic with no room to move. Of course, they could always expand the "floor plan" of the maps to compensate, but would that effect their playability and, ultimately, lose the charm of BC2 that I really loved? Who knows.

The other question, of course, is does BC2 even need a remaster? Why mess with a game that's already pretty awesome? "Because we can" springs to mind and, come on, who wouldn't want to play those amazing maps again with modern design and graphics?!  The main reason that I'm hoping for the rumours to be true though is that it'd rejuvenate the interest in this excellent game. A game which, even 8 years after it's release, still has active PC servers.

Here's hoping 

All of this is speculation of course, and from the rumours it sounds like EA are only considering it if BF5's sales aren't as great as they're hoping. Judging by the low pre-orders that's always possible. They may well decide to release it as an expansion after BF5 has come out as an incentive to get people to buy the main game. Who really knows for sure.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed though and I really do hope that the rumours turn out to be true.

What about you? Would you like a BC2 remaster? Would it be the best thing since sliced bread? Or are you really not that bothered and think EA shouldn't mess with it? Leave a comment and let us know.


While there are plenty of videos out there on the subject, here are the What Culture boys to give their take on the rumours:

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Here's another good video on the subject:

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