Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

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Modern Warfare 3 Trailer





A trailer for Modern Warfare 3 has been let loose into the wild, and a release date set  for November 2011. While the trailer is all very exciting and looks awesome, it gives little info about actual gameplay.


I for one have grown tired of the COD franchise, which for me peaked at COD 2 and COD 4. A new game seems to be released every year now and while that’s great for the console kiddies out there with attention spans like goldfish, for a gaming clan it’s an absolute nightmare. There’s no time to adapt to the new game, learn it, and compete properly before the next one is released and all the questions about whether it’s worth moving on start up again.
I’m hoping that Infinity Ward up the ante with this title, and actually give it’s multiplayer it’s balls back, and leave off of the ‘cartoonified’ feel of it’s more immediate predecessors. If all of the roumours are to be believed, IW are heading in the right direction, but then if IW’s Robert Bowling is to be believed, these rumours are all conjecture and speculation.

I guess we’ll see, but for me, MW3 has got a lot of work to do to even come close to competing with the Battlefield series.


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