BF3 R7 Server Update

BF3 R7 Server Update   Our BF3 server has been updated with the latest R7 patch. Changes are: – Fix for rubber banding – TDM/SQDM spawn point fix – 2 crash fixes in end of round – Fix for connection problem when joining password protected...

BF3 R5 Server Update

DICE have released server update R5 with the following changes: – Crash fixes – Latest PunkBuster DLLs included (in case the server doesn’t auto-update) – Security updates – Fixed some problems with clientserver handshake, which would make...
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Play BF3 NOW

Play BF3 NOW   NOTE: You do the below at your own risk. Neither myself, this website nor BdD can take any responsibility for any consequences of doing what is listed below. Do you have BF3 downloaded on Origin and ready to go? Don’t want to wait for the...
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BF3 Beta September 29th!

BF3 Beta September 29th!   The Beta has finally been announced! There are some important points to note regarding early access for MOH players etc, so be sure to read on and pay attention.   Advanced Frostbite 2 Engine, all-out vehicle warfare, unrivalled...

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