Website updates complete

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Website updates complete

Barring a few minor bug fixes and cosmetic tweaks, the website’s updates are now done. I hope you all like the (slightly) new look. Most of the changes are under the hood out of sight. The website’s back-end has been completely changed, and is now running on a CMS. This will enable greater flexibility when needing to add new features, and integration. That said, I’m always trying to keep the website looking as clean and easy to navigate as possible, without bogging it down with superfluous items and plugins. Another unforseen bonus of the change over appears to be an increase in speed.

As always, if you have any suggestions, problems,  comments or notice anything weird, just leave a comment to this news post, or leave a reply to this thread on the forum.
But please note: If you’re experiencing any weirdness, or graphical glitches, make sure you delete your browser’s cache, and refresh the site to see if that clears the problem before making a post about it.


Also, the clan is now on Twitter, so be sure to follow us! 🙂
There’s a link to our Twitter page on the website’s homepage. Or just do a search for: bddclan.
If anyone would like to be able to tweet posts to the clan’s account, just let me know.



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